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Spoon Jackson
Hard, But True

I had just turned 20, a first
Termer who had never been in
Any major trouble before, as
I sat in a jail cell and
Waited months on an all
White jury to decide on
A death sentence or life
In prison.   I could not
Relate to either one. The
Jury could not decide between
A slow death or a quick

I am being killed by a slower
Execution than the people on
Death row.   Itís like I was
Covered in sugar syrup and laid
Over an anthill.   In essence
People on death row and life sentences
Both await death.   Just that
After a few years death row prisoners
Are given an execution date.   A
Certified notice of when they will be killed.

I had a hung jury and the judge
Gave me life in prison without parole.   Looking
Back decades later, there has been
No second chance for me, even
Though that kid I was who did
The crime died more than thirty
Years ago, and I am here.

I am not on death row, but
I know that after 10 or
20 years of waiting, the person
Being executed, most oft the
Time is not that same man
Or woman who did the crime.

The killing of that prisoner
Results in just one less mouth
To feed the prison.
But there
Has been no justice served.

Most likely that lost
Soul who may have been guilty
Or not had found and transformed
Themselves into a thinking, caring
And deeper human being.
Spoon Jackson   09.04.2012   


Spoon Jackson
Über Spoon Jackson