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Sarah Manguso
What Concerns Me Now


What concerns me now is already done.
Predictions are wasted on me.

What concerns me now is waking up ecstatically
As when the cat meows the whole day and then grows quiet.
Or the king takes off his crown and rolls it down the hill.

Physicists write of two possible fates of the universe,
Each dependent on a hypothetical amount of dark matter.
The two amounts are described as a small amount and a large amount.

The more complicated things become,
The simpler they are to understand
When explained by someone who already understands them.

What isnít like this?

What concerns me now is this drag queen shouting her monologue into the sky
Which is not so much there as it is visible to the tourists that walk under it.

Who can say when act becomes light?

The sun, a rictus in that sky—
Encoded with the outer limit of life on Earth, the ultimate deathís head.
What concerns me now is this need to stop lying.

The so-called pain that fills my heart is actually located elsewhere.
As for the heart, itís nothing but empty space
And all it ever fills with is my own blood.

What concerns me now is this large animal swimming lovingly toward me.

Aus: Komm her o Klarheit! luxbooks 2009
Original aus: Siste Viator. Four Way Books, 2006

Sarah Manguso    14.05.2009

Sarah Manguso